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Director Statement

My name is Wendy McColm, Writer-Director. Self-love is a new topic for me. For years, I thought I had it, but in my last relationship, all signs pointed to a woman who was easily shaken. I didn't realize my feelings were valid and I deserved a simple hug or for someone to ask me, “what is it you want?”.

This, though very difficult to overcome, pointed me into new creative endeavors and my debut feature BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS. A self-funded full-length film, about six broken people who repetitively cover wounds with temporary bandages in order to receive love, a dark comedy.

After completing Birds Without Feathers, a whole new world of emotions and human interaction has opened up for me creatively and in life. I'm constantly growing and finding authenticity, whether it be happy or sad. I'm sharing that with the world in hopes of helping others know “You are not alone.”

Authenticity creates a human connection. I suppose that is a known fact, but I actually never knew. I feel most people lack knowledge (or feathers) like this due to childhood or upbringing. And it’s our job as filmmakers, or mine at least, to help others rewrite that and begin to add back your feathers.

Wendy McColm

Wendy McColm is a Los Angeles-based Writer/Director and all around expressionist, living and creating in light of authenticity. Acting in shows such as Community and How I met your mother as well as having work that ranges from working with and reinventing brands like H&M, Saks 5th Avenue, Coca Cola and &OtherStories, to creating a prolific amount of short films (over 50 online). Birds Without Feathers marks McColm’s debut feature film.


Cooper Oznowicz

Cooper Oznowicz is an actor based in Los Angeles. He has acted in the feature film Low Notes and short film Company of Change before co producing and co starring in the film Birds Without Feathers.

Nate Cornett

Nate Cornett is a cinematographer, based in Los Angeles. He regularly shoots short-fom comedy content for websites such as Funny or Die, Break.com, College Humor, and AwesomenessTV.



Executive Producer

Michael Moon


Wendy McColm

Brian Robertson


Cooper Oznowicz

Shereen Lani Younes

Associate Producer

Santiago Cervantes

Gia Rigoli

Alex Steel


Nate Cornett


Mark Daniel Dunnett

Film Editing

Wendy McColm

Phillip Vernon

Post-Production Supervisor

Jeffrey Haskell

Graphic Designer

Jacob J. Oliver

Sound Department

Aaron Bartscht

Paul Cornett

Michael Krystek

Nathan Ruyle

Camera Operators

Jeremy Cohen

Zack Wallnau

Costume and Wardrobe

Lenae Day

Location Scout
Chloe Diaz

Mondo Boys

Chris Maxson

Music Technician

Flora Cheng

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